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2015 Playoff Maps and Brackets

See all the playoff teams, in all divisions, in two different ways. Snooze's unique "mapet" view lets you visualize the entire tournament on a map. The more traditional bracket view will be updated throughout the playoffs, so check back often.


What's Mapetology? Think "bracketology" for Michigan High School football. It's a projection of what the playoffs might look like if they began today. The projected pairings are communicated through a map-bracket combination.

Be sure to check back each week to find out the projected road to the finals for your favorite team.

2015 Weekly Football Schedules (11-Man)

See all games for any given week at a glance. Pick a week, then search for any team. You can sort the table by date, away team or home team.

2015 Weekly Football Schedules (8-Man)

Same at 11-man weekly schedules, see what 8-man games are coming up for any given week.

2015 Team Football Schedules (11-Man)

Quick and easy access to the schedule and results for every team. On your team schedule, you can click on opponents to view their schedules too.

2015 Team Football Schedules (8-Man)

Just like 11-man schedules, this is a quick and easy way to access schedules and results for every eight-man team.

Updated Football Conference Maps

Updated for the 2015 season. There have been a lot of conference realignments in the last few years. Now you can see every team in every football conference (including 8-man) on a map. Conferences are conveniently grouped by region, and there are tools to expand/collape or display/ignore the conference(s) of your choice. Click on any team to go to the MHSAA football page for that team.

2015 Team Websites

The largest collection of Michigan High School football team websites you'll find anywhere. If your team has a website, and is not on the list, send me a link and I'll add them! Feel free to let me know about outdated links on the list too.

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